Halloween Scooter Ride

Halloween Scooter Ride
2020 has been rough, so let’s get in costume and go ghost hunting!
Halloween not only falls on a Saturday, but also on a full moon night. All the signs we need to celebrate big and do something completely new.
Pick out your best costume and join us for an electric scooter night ride through Miami Beach.
We’ll begin the night at the Vene Rides store in Sunset Harbour and work our way through the spookiest spots in Miami Beach. Freebies waiting for you *if* you make it back.
Anyone with an electric scooter can join and costumes are optional (but we’ll judge if you don’t wear one).
Need a scooter? Explore our Segway KickScooter Collection.
RSVP to our Facebook event and meet us at our store (1701 Sunset Harbour Drive) at 6:45PM to sign in and get started.

Make sure you have a charge for 5 miles!

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