5 Safety Tips for Electric Riders

5 Safety Tips for Electric Riders

As you probably know, we love all electric rides! From small e-bikes to off-road e-scooters, we have tested all the brands we can get our hands on. But there’s one overarching concern for all electric riders: SAFETY!

As the old saying goes: safety first. The safer you are, the more time you can spend out riding. 

Here are some top tips for safe riding in your city.

1. Do Not Ride On The Sidewalk

Sidewalks are made for pedestrians, not for bikes or scooters. Let pedestrians walk without fear of being hit by a bike or scooter. Crossing intersections from the sidewalk can also be hazardous as drivers sometimes don’t expect a bike or scooter from the sidewalk. It’s simple, just ride on the road or bike lane (if available on your route).

Remember, when you ride on the road, you are not hindering traffic, you are PART OF TRAFFIC. Electric scooters, in most places, follow the same rules as bicycles, but be sure to learn your local road regulations.

2. Wear a Helmet

One of the simplest solutions is to use your head and wear a helmet! Your head is the most vulnerable part of your body during an accident, you must protect it at all costs. Nowadays there are all kinds of helmets that work for all weather conditions. Get a sealed helmet for cold weather, or a well ventilated helmet for warm weather.

3. Lights Lights Lights

Be bright and be seen! A simple LED light on your ride can make a huge difference in visibility for drivers or other riders. Even having lights in the daytime make a difference: A 2012 study carried out in Denmark discovered a 19 percent decrease in accidents when cyclists used permanent running lights. There are many inexpensive rechargeable light options for bikes and scooters that can help you stay safer during your ride. 

4. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

An aware rider is a smart rider. From loose dogs to loose gravel, there are plenty of obstacles that can cut your ride short. Ride vigilant and be aware of your surroundings, this includes taking a peak behind you every so often to check for incoming cars or other riders that may be passing you. Awareness includes your ears so be sure not to blast music through your headphones in case you miss a life-saving car honk or a warning from another rider. Keep your wits about you and enjoy the great outdoors safely.

5. Stay Apart From Other Riders and Vehicles

Be courteous to other riders or drivers by allowing yourself enough space to brake or change direction in case of an emergency. As electric bikes are generally much heavier than regular bikes, the stopping distance is greater. In rainy conditions, be sure to leave extra space so you can decelerate gradually to avoid hydroplaning. Riding between cars in traffic is unsafe and illegal in some places, so stay on the right lane or sit in the line of traffic. Again: you are traffic! Even though our mission is to reduce traffic by increasing ridership throughout all cities, we need to create a positive relationship with drivers as they have bumpers and we don’t :/

Vene Rides always puts safety first, but fun is a close second. Even though our daily ride is enjoyment and happiness, we cannot have that without safety first. Stay safe, stay electric! 

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