Micro-Electric Fleets: The new way of transporting groceries and goods in the 15 minute city

Micro-Electric Fleets: The new way of transporting groceries and goods in the 15 minute city

Wait . . . what is a 15 minute city? A neighborhood where residents can access their daily needs within a short walk or micromobility trip including housing, a grocery store, restaurants, shops, public transit, parks and playground, libraries, schools, clinics, and recreation or fitness centers. 

As cities grow more dense, parking is more difficult for cars and trucks, especially for fast deliveries. Using Micro-EVs such as electric bikes and electric mopeds is the most efficient way to move goods through cities. Micro-EVs can be parked quickly and closer to the destination than cars. 

How to choose the right Micro-EV for your fleet? Different fleets, different needs. Vene’s wide variety of vehicles offers businesses the right vehicle for their needs. A last-mile delivery or ghost kitchen company in an urban environment can benefit from a compact cargo electric bike while a rental fleet best benefits from a comfortable city bike that is best for all day riding. Vene Rides fleet solutions gives our partners options including: IOT integration, smart locks, GPS, custom branding, and fleet management software. 

Having a Micro-EV Fleet requires constant maintenance or repairs as the vehicles are used more than consumer vehicles. The importance of fast turnaround is key to a successful fleet for your business. The longer the fleet vehicles are off the road, the longer the business is not producing revenue with the vehicles.

Vene Rides has enabled an E-Fleet Suite where businesses can purchase, subscribe, finance, and schedule service for their Micro-EV fleet. After working with many business partners on optimizing their electric fleet, our E-Fleet Suite was built with tools designed for business and streamline the process to keep their fleet business moving. A complete portal for customers to purchase their fleet, schedule service appointments, and send the Vene Service Lab details about the maintenance or repairs needed.

Visit fleets.venerides.com to learn more about how Vene Rides can be your Electric Fleet partner.

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