Selecting your Perfect Light Electric Vehicle for Commuting

Selecting your Perfect Light Electric Vehicle for Commuting

As our cities grow, there are less car parking spaces available causing parking fees to increase. This has led to the micromobility movement where Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs), such as electric scooters, become the ideal mode of personal transportation. This guide suggests the right LEV depending on your daily commute distance. Safe riding!

A Mile or Less Commute

Moving around a big city but only a mile or less gives you flexibility on how small the vehicle transporting you can be. It may not even need handlebars. Since 2014, the boom of small self balancing transporters started with mall kiosks throughout the US. Electric skateboards are also a great option for short commutes.
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Up to 3 Mile Commute

If your daily trip to work or school is 3 miles or less, then an electric scooter is a great choice. Get to your destination quickly without the need of public transportation. Arrive at the office with a small footprint vehicle that could fold easily and stored underneath your desk. 
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3 Mile + Commute 

Arrive comfortably on an electric bike for all commutes over 3 miles. Today electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of range and top speeds. Electric bikes can also work as carriers with pannier racks or baskets for your supplies, DSLR camera, or laptop computer.
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