Vene Rides, the MicroEV Store, Opens 2nd Location With Expansion to Chicago

Vene Rides, the MicroEV Store, Opens 2nd Location With Expansion to Chicago

Vene Rides, the one-stop-shop MicroEV store for sales, subscriptions and service

Vene Rides was launched last July by HOPR, an established micromobility company. After a successful year of operating in Miami, Vene Rides is now expanding into Chicago.

The past few years, we have seen explosive growth with shared electric bikes and scooters and mass adoption by millions of people in hundreds of cities across the globe. As more and more people experience these electric vehicles and rely on them for transportation, the demand for individual ownership and long-term subscriptions of micro-mobility vehicles will increase. 

"Vene shops will make it easy and convenient for people to live car-free in cities. Our focus is sales and service of electric vehicles utilized for urban trips under 10 miles," says Josh Squire, Co-Founder and CEO of Vene Rides. 

Vene Rides offers two-wheel electric vehicles including e-bikese-scooter and e-mopeds

They offer a wide selection of leading brands such as Segway, Inokim, Unagi, Magnum, Aventon, BESV, Monday Motorbikes, and service all brands of electric bikes and scooters. 

Squire continues: "We believe that, in addition to online sales, people can still greatly benefit from walking into a local shop that can educate them about different types of electric vehicles, provide test rides, service repairs and foster a community of next-gen micro-mobility commuters." 

Vene Rides plans to continue the expansion of the Micro-EV store into other major cities. For those cities without a Vene Rides store, you can shop online at

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