Cycleboard Rover

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Rover is the all-terrain electric vehicle you’ve been waiting for, built to withstand the rigors of daily use in mixed terrain environments, including full suspension and larger 10” pneumatic tires for vibration absorption and a softer ride feel. Powered by a mighty 60v 1800w brushless silent rear hub motor with 41Nm of torque and an 1152 watt hour battery, choose your favorite speed mode and get ready for thrilling acceleration, faster top speeds and longer range cruising.

Customer Reviews

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Cody George

Quality, speed, durability, I even went off roading and it didn't miss a beat! Love the way you steer with your body and use the handle bar for stability. It's like surfing or skating. Much more stable then my 2 wheel electric scooter, seriously hard to fall on this Rover!

Blake T.
So much fun.

So happy found this product. Fun to ride, nice acceleration, quick braking. Be cool if next generation had regenerative braking, built in headlight. Best early birthday present bought myself.

Significantly slower than advertised; arrived super late and unassembled

Only goes 19mph at fastest. Had to do a fair amount of assembly, which had I known about I would have passed this scooter. Also not great for small spaces, hard to fit through my door. All in all the only good thing is the off road capabilities/suspension. For $2700 I’m sincerely disappointed. I would try to return it, but already drove it. Buying this thing was has been the biggest regret of my summer.

Mitch, The Cycleboard Rover comes mostly assembled. The assembly process is only screwing on the two front wheels, adding four screws to the board, and adding the correct tire pressure. Should take about 15-20 minutes. Regards to the top speed, you must be on the wrong speed mode. It has 5 speed modes where the highest mode reaches 27 mph. Also, Cycleboard recommends 'DO NOT exceed 10 mph or ride down hills until you have practiced riding the CycleBoard for at least 8 hours of cumulative riding time and have mastered the steering function.' Please ride safely as you've only began using the Rover. The Rover is not a small unit, that's for sure. It's not build for small spaces, it's designed to tackle all types of terrain which requires a large scooter. Please let us know if you need support, email or call our customer service team at 888-622-4888. We have tried reaching you multiple times this week with no success.