repair services

for Riders

Vene Rides is the trusted place to assemble, maintain, or repair your ride. Our expert technicians are professionally trained with years of experience in the field. Vene maintenance team encompasses knowledge and expertise with all types of rides including pedal bikes, electric bikes, and electric scooters. You can trust us to get the job done quickly, in a safe and professional way. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


No matter the type of bike or brand, Vene Rides technicians will build it to manufacturer specifications. We assemble and pack road bikes, mountain bikes, active bikes, and electric bikes with fast turnaround.


Maintaining your ride is important for safety and longevity. Vene Rides technicians are professional, experienced, and trained to service all types of Micro-EV vehicles.


Looking to upgrade to an electric bike or scooter? Bring your used bike or scooter to a Vene Rides store for a free trade in appraisal. The value of your used bike or scooter will go towards a new electric bike or scooter.


Service packages

*Parts not included.

$59 / $69

Pedal / E-bike
Multi-point Inspection
Wipe Down
Adjust Gears / Brakes
Lube Chain / Drivetrain
Tire inflation
**Motor Check

$179 / $219

Pedal / E-bike
All Standard Service plus
Remove / degrease chain
Remove / degrease cassette
Regrease all bolts
Overhaul headset
**Battery check / charge
**Electrical connections

** For Electric Bikes

Multi-point inspection: Frame, Fork, Wheels, Tires, Seat, Handlebars, Gears, Brakes, Crank, Chain, Pedals, Lights, Fenders, Rack

Bicycle Repair Services

Pedal and electric bike assembly and shipping
Electric bicycle and electric scooter diagnostics
Bicycle tune-ups and overhauls
Tire/Tube replacements
Brake adjustments
Battery, controller diagnostics, & replacements
Gear adjustments
Cable replacements
Bicycle wheel truing
Part and accessory installations
Cleaning and lubrication
Custom service available

In-Store Bicycle Repair Rates

Pedal Bike Electric Bike
Bike Assembly $70+ $175
Tire/Tube Change $20 $20-45
Brake Adjustments $24 $20
Gear Adjustments $20 $20
Hydraulic Brake Service $30 $30
Simple Wipe Down and Lube $25 $25
Wheel Truing $30 $30-40
Install Fender (each) $20 $20
Labor Rate Per Hour $120 $120

Mobile Home/Office Pickup and Delivery Fees

Vene Rides will pick up your electric bicycle or scooter from your home or office
Under 2 Miles $25
Under 5 Miles: $35
Under 7 Miles: $50

scooter REPAIRs

Service package | $45

Full battery charge (turnaround time allowing)
Firmware updated (where possible)
Brakes adjusted and/or set up
Steering column adjusted
Battery health check
Wipe Down
Full safety check
Electrical contacts cleaned

Scooter Repairs Rates

Non-Motor Tire/Tube Change $30
Motor Tire/Tube Change $45
Brake Adjustments $20
Hydraulic Brake Service $30
Controller Swap $40
Battery Swap $40
Labor Rate Per Hour $120

service locations

To service your vehicle please book an appointment

or just visit a Vene Rides store.