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shannon Sutton
Love my bike and loved Dan!!

I am loving my new BESV CF1 bike. It's a perfect fit for me, a super smooth and comfortable ride, and it's really beautiful to look at. Dan couldn't have been more helpful to my husband and I on our visit--he is incredibly knowledgeable and takes the time to educate you and help you find the right bike or scooter for your specific needs. We never felt rushed, and he made sure I was all set up before sending me out the door to ride home. Thank you Dan!

Amazing scooter

Love this scooter and when it was time to replace my old one I didn’t hesitate to get another Ninebot max great range and smooth ride and fun to ride

GoTrax G4
Andres Espinosa Marrero

GoTrax G4

Mercane Widewheel Pro
Jonathan Mirabile
Great scooter! zippy and stable and fast! Get extras for it!

The 2021 Mercane Widewheel Pro is a great scooter - the never go flat tires are awesome. Its a great piece of extra family transportation and fun. I got lots of options for it: the seat option, front carry bag, rear carry bag, folding key-lock, remote-enabled alarm, carry handle, rear seatpost flashing light, and stronger front light as well and while I dint like the seat option initially as it gets in the way of the back part of the scooter foot area (an area I miss not being able to stand in as the seat mount is there, I like riding the scooter for long distances and the seat really helps and it folds nicely too...just secure it tightly. Get one and have a blast!

Serial 1 MOSH/CTY
Marco Slim

Serial 1 MOSH/CTY

I love my Vene

I love it !!
I been user for work everyday !!❤️❤️❤️❤️

GoTrax G4
Adam Sextonm

It's been great!

Vene CITY S1
Brian Buggie
Great scooter!

Wonderful experience with Axel & Ruben over the past few weeks as I researched electric scooters. They were both very patient & knowledgeable in explaining the various options. Great attitude and affability sealed the deal so I got the Vene City S1! I’m super happy with the quality of the build and the performance. It simply works & drives me around town at 15-18 mph, which is plenty fast.

Fluid Horizon
Chris Donaghy
A whole new level in e-scootering!

OMG! This Fluid Horizon scooter is amazing! Solid, easy to handle, smooth acceleration, long range. So far I truly love it! It is a little heavy to carry, but I rarely need that. Just consider it a needed weight work out. ;)

Segway eMoped C80
Dwayne Smith

Segway eMoped C80

Inokim Quick 4
David Luscombe
Boat Buddies

We purchased two Quick 4’s for my wife and I to use on land after we sail to a new port. They were the best combination of weight (my wife needs to be able to lift them on and off of our tender) battery life and speed. The folding handle bars and compact design works well for storage in a locker on our boat. We haven’t put too many miles on them yet but so far we are very satisfied.

Amazing service

Great service !

Hello Chris, It was not our fault that Segway-Ninebot is moving their spare parts facility and the process has taken over 3 months. Obviously you like the E45 model and purchased the new one from us. We gave you a great deal on it and even took your defected unit as a trade in. You did not purchase the first E45 from us and the seller of your first E45 was not even responding to your inquires. We provided the best customer service you could ask for. Hope you enjoy your new scooter.

Kryptonite Kryptolok Folding 685
Svenja Hammerstein
Happy Customer

I went in to buy an ebike. Axel was extremely helpful in choosing the right one. Thanks to him I found exactly what I was looking for.

The best investment

This bike was a big investment for me but I do not regret a penny of it. I have been using it daily to get to all the places I used to go to with a car.
Allowed me to go places, enjoy the fresh air and not feel guilty about so many back and forth!

Vene CITY S1
Doc Williamson
Nice little shop

Very helpful and nice folks.

Magnum Pathfinder 500W
Natalie Urbano
Best purchase and service!

We got this for mom. The store rep was beyond patient and helpful.
The bike (more like a motorcycle tbh) has been fantastic. It’s battery lasts forever. It’s sturdy, very well made. Would definitely recommend for anyone thinking of purchasing an electric bike.

GoTrax Apex
sydney benson
I love my scoot scoot!

Like the title says, I legit love my scooter. It is so convenient for people that live in large cities a need quick, accessible transportation. The scooter is moderately fast, holds a good charge, and easy to store. 10/10 would recommend.

Vene CITY S1
Andrew Mailloux
What up team Chicago.

Top notch customer service and experienced sales team. We called a couple mins before closing of store and One of the Prime Share Holders kept the shop open for us and offered for us to ride the demo scooters while we made some decisions. This offered us some time also to check the new dinosaurs Theodore Roosevelt stunting. Clean and neat shop btw. No worries no hurries and for that we were greatfull. Secret service styley motorcades for my wife in her Uber across town while she scoffed and laughed windowside. Lil bro ripped his brand new 20 mph or so Vene with sport mode capabilities, safety lights, front suspension and roughly 10-30 mile life span depending on the line between a and b. I was tearing up a lil red 15-20 mph' er gotrax, straight gangsters paradise, equipped with similar features. Lilly Less Torque but had cruise control for less thumb crampage and blood bubbling blisters. All around stoked, accepting for that digger I took while trying to sit on it like a motorcycle with ape handle bars. Would not recommend this technique. Was a bad impression as in fact I did pretty much touch cloth and immediately thought of my health insurance. All in all I'd give it an A plus type of joint, with what I heard was a possible option for prophit sharing whith a $100 min IPO buy in. Forgot to ask more on this potential. Could have been faded off that expensive chi town endoo Crypto. Wheeww. Great spot. And would recommend these scooters to anyone. Gotrax lil rubber pad slipped off the trax. had to adhere it back on with some mastic . No Biggie Smalls! Should have been bumping that on the ear busters. I would recommend this spot to just about any adventurer who wants to see the streets and trails with this refreshing advantage. Keep on rolling Vene and lets pray the lithium extractions don't turn out like petrol. Blaze on! Is anyone from Vene or out there that recommends any of these hack apps for quicker ripper magooskis around the ole block?? Peace

GoTrax G4
Avi Greenberg
An amazing company and team

Great team so easy to get hold of them fast service , all about customer satisfaction
Very recommended

Sondors Fold X
Alejandra Orozco
My baby

Im sooo in love with my bike!! I cant believe I lived without it so long!! Im enjoying Miami in a whole different way!! I dont want to get in cars anymore!! I just want to ride everywhere at all times listening to music or a good audio book!! If you see a girl in a bike singing Shakira like no one's watching, thats me!!

Great I just love it

I've been using the scooter for about a month and it has served me every day of it. Having no issues or problems to report.

Fast diagnosis and solution

Everything went fine. Would recommend it.

Aventon Level
Pamela Kokstis
A quality bike at a reasonable price.

I bought this bike because it has peddle assist, a trottle, front suspension, and much more. I’m older and still want to ride a bike but I need some help. Peddle assist is wonderful and fun! After a couple times taking it out I got use to it. It’s a powerful bike! One thing I learned it to start biking with assist off. Start with 1 assist and work my way up. If I want to go fast I can on this bike but I usually use 2 or 3 assist. I like enjoying my surroundings and being safe. I’ve been checking out Rails to Trails places and I have been having lots of fun!

Aventon Level
Paul Rabenius
Great Bike!

We bought two Levels. One step through and one not. My wife and I really enjoy being able to have the electric bike concept. We live on a long hill and the ride back home is glorious! We would recommend Aventon bikes to anyone who is considering the purchase!

Aventon Level
Bill Barnett
Great Bikes and great service

Awesome bikes. They were shipped within 2 days of our ordering them and were delivered in 2 days. Assembly was easy and the video walked you throuigh step by step. We ordered a step through for my wife and a regular level for me. We were riding them that night and haven’t stopped. We are normally using them at Step Assist 1 so we still get a workout while pedaling. it is so easy on our knees and still get a good workout riding the hills in Colorado.

I would recommend these bikes to anyone. it is great quality and so far the bikes and company has been awesome.