Vene CITY S1

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Introducing Vene's first electric scooter: the CITY S1!

The Vene CITY S1 is the perfect scooter for all riders. This robust and versatile scooter is built to last, easy to service, and provides a comfortable ride. The CITY S1 has a top speed of 18 mph and range of 30 miles per charge. Curated by the micromobility experts from Vene Rides, it will undoubtedly be one of the most popular scooters for city riders and commuters.


10 INCH TIRES: The CITY S1 has a 10 inch pneumatic front tire and a 10 inch solid rear tire. This allows for a smooth and comfortable ride without worrying about getting a flat on the rear motor tire. Easy serviceability and longevity allows you to ride with peace of mind.

SIMPLE FOLDING: A quick three step folding process takes seconds, allowing you to get on and off the scooter in no time.

WIDE DECK: The CITY S1 provides a stable platform for the rider with one of the widest decks of all e-scooters. The battery and controller is located beneath the deck providing a low center of gravity and creating a stable ride.

INTEGRATED HOOK: The dual purpose hook on the stem holds the folded scooter and can be used to hold your backpack, purse, or grocery bag. 

Customer Reviews

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Brian Buggie
Great scooter!

Wonderful experience with Axel & Ruben over the past few weeks as I researched electric scooters. They were both very patient & knowledgeable in explaining the various options. Great attitude and affability sealed the deal so I got the Vene City S1! I’m super happy with the quality of the build and the performance. It simply works & drives me around town at 15-18 mph, which is plenty fast.

Doc Williamson
Nice little shop

Very helpful and nice folks.

Andrew Mailloux
What up team Chicago.

Top notch customer service and experienced sales team. We called a couple mins before closing of store and One of the Prime Share Holders kept the shop open for us and offered for us to ride the demo scooters while we made some decisions. This offered us some time also to check the new dinosaurs Theodore Roosevelt stunting. Clean and neat shop btw. No worries no hurries and for that we were greatfull. Secret service styley motorcades for my wife in her Uber across town while she scoffed and laughed windowside. Lil bro ripped his brand new 20 mph or so Vene with sport mode capabilities, safety lights, front suspension and roughly 10-30 mile life span depending on the line between a and b. I was tearing up a lil red 15-20 mph' er gotrax, straight gangsters paradise, equipped with similar features. Lilly Less Torque but had cruise control for less thumb crampage and blood bubbling blisters. All around stoked, accepting for that digger I took while trying to sit on it like a motorcycle with ape handle bars. Would not recommend this technique. Was a bad impression as in fact I did pretty much touch cloth and immediately thought of my health insurance. All in all I'd give it an A plus type of joint, with what I heard was a possible option for prophit sharing whith a $100 min IPO buy in. Forgot to ask more on this potential. Could have been faded off that expensive chi town endoo Crypto. Wheeww. Great spot. And would recommend these scooters to anyone. Gotrax lil rubber pad slipped off the trax. had to adhere it back on with some mastic . No Biggie Smalls! Should have been bumping that on the ear busters. I would recommend this spot to just about any adventurer who wants to see the streets and trails with this refreshing advantage. Keep on rolling Vene and lets pray the lithium extractions don't turn out like petrol. Blaze on! Is anyone from Vene or out there that recommends any of these hack apps for quicker ripper magooskis around the ole block?? Peace

Eric Argence Levy
Battery gets empty very fast

I like the scooter but the battery gets empty after 10 miles ride….